High financial performance investment property

Investing in NDIS-SDA Homes

Investing in NDIS-SDA Homes. Achieve More.

Our guiding principles are the foundation for selecting properties for NDIS-SDA homes.  

Property investment is not about houses. It is about people.

There is a clear opportunity for property investors to realise very attractive returns from NDIS-SDA property investment. But, the key to those returns is not the property - it is about the people that will be calling the property their home - participants. As the NDIS matures and more SDA homes come online, participants will have more choice. Meridien's NDIS-SDA strategy is to deliver more value to participants with homes that have enduring appeal and are in places where people want to live. When you invest in an NDIS-SDA Home, you are providing someone living with a disability to make the home their 'forever' home.

Homes that people want to live in, in places where people choose to live. Works nicely in the NDIS-SDA market. 


Investing in NDIS-SDA Homes. 

Property investment with NDIS-SDA homes can deliver market-leading financial performance. It is a specialised niche market with long-term Government funding and a structured network of providers to support the operations of the property investment. Investing in SDA Homes is not for everyone as it requires a high cash or equity contribution to get started but the return on investment is very high and enables you to achieve more from your property investment program.

NDIS-SDA Homes deliver high financial performance that will positively reshape your financial future.


The NDIS-SDA Homes Investment Advantage.

High yield. More net income. Direct property investment.

  • Total Potential Income (TPI) $160k to over $200k p.a.
  • Up to 20% gross yield
  • High net income
  • Government-backed
  • Fully funded for 20 years
  • High demand market
  • Stable tenant base
  • Fully managed program

Open the door to positive cashflow property investment and make a positive difference in someone's life.

NDIS-SDA Homes Investment. Achieve More.


NDIS-SDA Homes Investment Locations

Meridien NDIS-SDA Homes are forward-planned in locations with high current and future demand.

Property investors know that location, location, location is the primary driver for growth in property values. There are multi-levels of factors that determine where we plan NDIS-SDA Homes which are the foundation for sustained participant demand. Of course, location matters but there is a lot more to consider also. Meridien works with SDA providers and NDIS organisations to 'map' SDA demand and builds a program to deliver NDIS-SDA Homes that meet the needs of the market. 

Key Location Criteria for NDIS-SDA Homes

  • SDA demand in the local area
  • Proximity to health infrastructure
  • Availability of provider services
  • Transport services
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Suitability of land/site (there are very specific slope, lot width, and depth, and access factors to consider for SDA Homes)
  • Overall location appeal to participants seeking their 'forever' home

Meridien has access to quarterly SDA 'Demand Maps' that define where SDA Homes are needed. This data enables us to plan forward for the development of SDA Homes where they are needed most and this provides us with a higher level of confidence in the property investment program.

Good SDA Homes are in very limited supply. Meridien has an active program to develop new SDA investment properties in South East Queensland and select NSW regional markets in new land estates and through our in-fill and knockdown-rebuild program. As new SDA Homes become available we will list them on our website and send notifications to our Priority One clients.


NDIS-SDA Homes Investment Property

Designed for enduring participant appeal and to build 'forever' homes.

Meridien Invest's NDIS-SDA Homes always have a 'Participant First' approach. We believe that less delivers more. Many investors are attracted to the big headline numbers promoted with 3 or more participants sharing one home. We believe that is not sustainable as more stock comes into the segment, so Meridien has a commitment to developing spacious SDA Homes for 2 participants.

Insights and feedback from our partners in the SDA space are important and improve our focus on where the sustainable investment opportunities are. We listen and take note of trends in the market to ensure that Meridien's NDIS-SDA Homes are the best in the market and exceed the expectations of participants.

Our approach is to provide more value to participants that will have more and more choice as the supply of SDA property increases. Participants pay rent via the MRRC payment (Maximum Reasonable Rent Contribution) which is a set amount. When we deliver a home that is better located, better designed, offers more personal space and it is the same price as a less appealing property, participants are getting better value for their MRRC. This is our value proposition that will deliver superior investment performance for our clients.


Focus on a better 'forever' home for participants. Make a positive difference. Achieve More. 


NDIS-SDA Homes Property Investment.

A fully integrated, high-performance investment program.

Investing in NDIS-SDA Homes opens up new property investment opportunities. It is not for everyone and has higher than standard entry barriers which make investing in SDA Homes more suitable for advanced property investors.

There is a mix of NDIS-SDA property investment options in the market. Meridien Invest focuses on new house and land packages plus we also have an in-fill and knockdown-rebuild program to access high-demand SDA locations. 

Investing in NDIS-SDA Homes requires a higher cash and/or equity starting point than standard investment properties. The rewards are also higher. 


How to invest in NDIS-SDA Homes

Meridien Invest provides investors with flexible and adaptable programs to build their property investment advantage with NDIS-SDA Homes.

Whatever your property investment journey, the Meridien Invest team can build a program that is unique to your specific requirements. We will work with you to ensure that you have a property investment program that works for you and helps you to Achieve More. Faster.

There are 3 main property investment structures that we have developed - Activate Equity / Leverage Cash / SMSF.

Activate Equity for Home Owners

With ZERO upfront cash, use your equity and get your home working for you to invest in high-performance NDIS-SDA Homes.

Property values have increased considerably in the past few years, so your capacity to invest is now more than ever. If you have sufficient equity to cover the deposit plus costs, then investing in NDIS-SDA Homes can deliver impressive results.

The power of NDIS-SDA Homes property investment can deliver over $100k in net cash p.a. with the right structure and finance solution. That is more than enough to make some serious adjustments to your home loan balance. 

NDIS-SDA Homes property investment really can positively reshape your financial future.

Activate Equity. Achieve More.

Cash Investment

Get your cash working for you with high net returns plus leverage. Investing cash to cover 25% deposit plus costs on SDA Homes property investment delivers 4X leverage and market-leading financial returns. 

Using your cash to make a significant contribution to your SDA investment reduces the finance amount, cuts interest costs, and lifts net cash flow.

NDIS-SDA Homes property investment opens the door for you to invest for high primary returns and attractive secondary returns when reinvesting the cash returns.

  • High net returns.
  • Secondary returns from reinvestment.
  • Growth.

It adds up to smart property investment.

Cash Investment. Multiple Levels of Returns. Achieve More.

SMSF Investment

Get your superannuation working for you with NDIS-SDA Homes property investment. 

The low tax rate of 15% provides SMSF property investors with a significant advantage as the tax rate is up to 70% less than individual tax rates. And, with the high net income achieved with NDIS-SDA Homes investment properties, this makes a big, big difference.

NDIS-SDA Home property investment with SMSF provides the opportunity to increase the asset base in your superannuation fund with bricks and mortar, Government-backed investment. 

SMSF investment in NDIS-SDA Homes delivers very high net cashflow. Reinvest the cash to generate secondary returns and take your superannuation returns to a higher level.

Meridien Invest can show you how to build a high-performance SDA Homes property investment program that enables you to achieve more from your superannuation and take direct control of your financial future. 

SMSF NDIS-SDA Homes. Multiple Levels of Returns. Achieve More.


NDIS-SDA Homes Finance

Meridien Invest works with a number of broker partners to provide a complete finance solution for SDA Homes property investors. 

Finance for NDIS-SDA Homes is a specialised product that requires a specialist approach.  

Investors need to note that in most cases NDIS-SDA Homes finance is restricted to 75% of the property valuation. This then requires investors to provide 25% deposit plus costs and to cover any valuation shortfall. Valuations can have big variations to contract prices so it is even more important to have the right finance partners working for you.

Finance structures using a combination of cash and equity can open the door to SDA Homes property investment and the high returns that can be achieved.

Interest rates from 5.5% are currently available which deliver more net cashflow. 


Why work with Meridien Invest for NDIS-SDA Homes investment?

Full support for your NDIS-SDA Homes property investment program.

Meridien Invest has a fully-integrated approach to NDIS-SDA Homes investment. We start by understanding market demand and trends, develop properties that meet the emerging needs of this specialised market segment, and partner with the right SDA providers to ensure your investment property is professionally managed and realises full financial potential. 

  • Forward demand planning with SDA providers and the NDIS community\
  • Location and site selection, home design to match SDA location demand
  • Link with SDA provider early in the delivery process to promote the property
  • Integrated approach with SDA provider to ensure visibility of your SDA property in the NDIS community
  • Dedicated SDA Homes BDM works in the NDIS community to promote Meridien Invest homes
  • Only the best locations
  • Participant first approach
  • The Meridien SDA Homes Value Model

Exclusive Meridien Invest SDA Homes BDM

Starting early in 2022, Meridien Invest will have a full-time experienced Business Development Manager dedicated to promoting our SDA Homes in the NDIS community. The SDA Homes BDM will ensure that your home is visible in the market with providers, carers, community organisations, and of course - participants. Our commitment is to provide the best participant value in the market with our Meridien SDA Homes Value Model and with our dedicated SDA Homes BDM, we will build a presence in the market and preference for Meridien Invest SDA Homes for their location, design and quality.

Our commitment is to see your property investment journey Achieve More. Our Meridien Invest SDA Homes BDM is our investment to further ensure your success. 

Choose Meridien Invest for your NDIS-SDA Homes investment journey. Achieve More. Always.


Get your NDIS-SDA Homes Investment Journey Started.

Want to know more about investing in NDIS-SDA Homes? Get in touch and we will work with you to build a plan to get started.


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