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Investing in Co-living Homes

Investing in Co-living Homes. Achieve More.

Our guiding principles are the foundation for selecting properties for Co-living Homes Programs.

Property investment is not about houses. It is about people.

Homes that people want to live in, in places where people want to live.

Over 75% of people searching for homes to rent are single or couples and many of them are not looking to rent a whole property. There is clear demand in the market for a better sharing solution. Our structured and focused Co-living programs tap into that demand to deliver more of what people in the 'sharing' segments want which drives higher returns for property investment clients.

Meridien Invest Co-living brings structure and consistency of product to an unstructured market. 


The Co-living Homes Investment Advantage

More demand. More yield. More net income. 

Meridien Invest Co-living Homes provide investors with the opportunity to realise high income from the 'sharing' market with our purpose-built homes that provide dedicated, private space to each of the sharing residents.

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

(Based on SEQ 4-21)

Meridien Invest Co-living Homes. Achieve More.


Co-living Homes Locations

Meridien Invest Co-living Homes are in select locations with high current and future demand.

We provide clients with Co-living Homes investment opportunities in growth corridor locations in South East Queensland and soon, Melbourne and more. Locations are selected based on demand data to ensure a sustained, high level of financial performance is achieved.

The demand for homes in both South East Queensland and Melbourne's growth corridors is at unprecedented levels. More and more people are seeking space away from cluttered city living and the demand for new homes is not being met by supply, with land being a major point of constraint. More demand and restrained supply are pushing up both rental yields and property prices. 

Key Location Criteria for Co-living Homes

  • Proximity to primary and social infrastructure
  • Focus on SEQ economic development corridors
  • Sense of space and community in estates
  • Co-living focused design with a commitment to optimising personal space
  • High sharing demand
  • Rising resale demand and property values

Co-living Homes are now available in South East Queensland and we will soon be releasing packages in Melbourne and prime regional markets in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland.

South East Queensland 

  • Sunshine Coast - very limited stock
  • Moreton Region
  • Select Logan locations
  • Select Redlands locations
  • Greater Springfield and Ripley Valley
  • Gold Coast - very limited stock
  • Select Scenic Rim locations

Melbourne - coming soon in select locations

  • Wyndham
  • Melton
  • Hume
  • Whittlesea
  • Casey
  • Cardinia

Coming Soon - prime, high-demand regional markets in NSW, Victoria, and Queensland. 

Co-living Homes. Achieve More.


Co-living Program Options.

A fully integrated investment property program for clients looking to achieve more.

Meridien Invest opens up the Co-living investment opportunity with a selection of prime location homes in South East Queensland and soon select regional markets plus Melbourne's high-demand locations. All of our Co-living Homes are designed with people in mind and are matched to a specialised management program to ensure you achieve the high financial returns that Co-living Homes offer.

The Meridien Invest Co-living approach provides clients with more flexibility and choice;

  1. The right property that fits into your investment plans and budget
  2. A Co-living program matched to the market demand, property and to achieve the best returns

Our flexible approach provides you with a complete program that best suits your individual requirements.

With 2 main areas of focus in the Co-living, sharing market, Meridien Invest has the primary, high-demand segments covered.

Integrated Co-living Programs. Achieve More.


Seniors Co-living by Calyptus. It's not just a room. It's a better way of life.

Our partners, Calyptus, identified and understand the need for more flexible rental accommodation for seniors. They developed a focused program that fills the void to provide high-quality shared homes for seniors and high yields for property investment clients. 

Features of the Calyptus Seniors Co-living Program;

  • Fully managed program
  • All-in price for tenants including energy, water, and wifi 
  • 7% rental guarantee available on select properties
  • Furnished shared spaces with residents providing their own bedroom furnishings
  • Emergency call alarm
  • Access to Government Home Assistance support services
  • Long-term tenure
  • Quality tenants
  • Experienced property management in seniors living
  • Frequent check-ins

Calyptus provides a higher, more consistent standard of shared living solutions for seniors plus very high yields for investors. Your investment provides great homes for your tenants and you with great results.

Calyptus Seniors Co-living. Achieve More.


Co-living for everyone with our specialist partners. Meet the new property investment opportunity.

In the broader 'sharing' market, Meridien Invest has partnerships with several program managers that provide clients with a fully managed investment program.

The Co-living Homes promise to 'sharing' tenants is to provide a higher, more consistent standard of shared living solutions. The purpose-designed homes combined with sharing-focused management programs make this happen. 

Meridien Invest provides investors with the opportunity to realise the financial benefits of Co-living Homes with fully managed programs. If you want to achieve more yield and have a better bottom line from your property investment, then Co-living needs to be on your radar.

Features of the Co-living for Everyone Program;

  • Fully managed program
  • A mix of structures for cost recovery on utilities
  • Rental guarantee and leaseback options available
  • Furniture and appliance packages
  • Access to Government Home Assistance support services
  • Long-term tenure
  • Quality tenants
  • Experienced property management
  • Frequent check-ins

Co-living Homes bring a fresh, structured approach to a cluttered market that is defined by no consistency. There are a lot of people out there that want something better and will pay more for it. Meridien Invest's Co-living program taps into the high-demand 'sharing' market with a better value proposition. More value for people that choose to share is a real winner for many people. And, the returns for clients are pretty good too.

Co-living Homes. A new, clear investment opportunity. Achieve More.


How to invest in Co-living Homes?

Meridien offers clients flexible and adaptable programs to build their investment advantage with Co-living Homes.

Whatever your investment journey, the Meridien Invest team can build a program that is unique to your specific requirements. We will work with you to ensure you have a property investment program that works for you and helps you to achieve more. Faster.

Activate Equity for Home Owners

With ZERO upfront cash, use your equity and get your home working for you, to invest in high-performance Co-living property. With high demand and high yields, you can be putting $15k a year into your home loan - every year. And, with ultra-low interest rates, every extra $$$ you pay into your home loan is going to make a big, big difference. Cut years and many $000 in interest costs off your home loan. 

Activate Equity. Achieve More.

Cash Investment

Put your cash to work for you with Co-living Homes. Using cash to cover a 10% to 20% deposit (plus buying and set up costs) you get the benefit of leverage which means your investment asset base increases by a factor of 5 to 10 times. A bigger asset base combined with rising property values delivers cash investors a very high net return on invested funds. Plus, ride the growth wave.

Cash Investment. Achieve More.

SMSF Investment

Get your superannuation working for you with Co-living Homes. SMSF property increases your asset base with up to 3.3 times leverage - investing $150k gives you a $500k asset (excluding costs). Growth of 20% over 5 years on $500k = $100k v $30k on $100k cash = 3 times more growth. And, Co-living Homes deliver attractive, steady income streams that can be reinvested to generate secondary returns.

Meridien can show you how to build a high-performance SMSF Co-living Homes program that enables you to achieve more from your superannuation. Take direct control of your super and make it work harder for your financial future.

SMSF Co-living Homes. Achieve More.


Meridien's Co-living Partners

Co-living programs bring all the best partners together so that you can achieve more.

  • Leading builders and developers with focused Co-living design homes that have enduring appeal
  • Specialist program and property managers that make Co-living Homes a high-performance investment opportunity
  • CEC accredited solar installers and the best solar energy systems
  • Finance partners that know how to get the right structure and the right deal for investors

Co-living is a fully integrated program that provides hassle-free investment and market-leading financial performance.

Co-living Homes. Achieve More.


Ready to invest in Co-living Homes?

The sooner you start, the sooner you start to achieve more.

Meridien Invest makes it easy for you to realise the financial rewards of Co-living Homes.

  • Select turnkey homes from under $500k
  • New release packages coming every week
  • Secure your preferred package with just a $1,000 initial deposit
  • Finance is straight-forward - just like a normal investment property - with no restrictions
  • Packages are split - land and construct contracts - only pay stamp duty on the land
  • Start to handover takes around 6 months
  • Program managers are ready to take over at handover and get your investment property making money for you

Getting started with Co-living investment is not hard. Meridien Invest co-ordinates everything for you. The fully integrated programs make it easy for you to achieve high returns in this exciting new market segment.

Let's get your Co-living Homes investment journey started.


Co-living Homes for Sale in Southeast Queensland Australia


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