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We are Meridien Invest.

Meridien Group was formed in 2011 and are innovators in the investment property and renewable energy markets. We have a clear focus on achieving higher investment performance for our clients and building long-term client partnerships. Always. 

Meridien Invest is a business of Meridien Group. We specialise in marketing premium, high-yield investment properties in the Australian residential property market through our partnerships with leading developers, builders, and program providers. Our start-to-end client focus enables property investors to access high-performance property investment programs with full support throughout their investment journey.

Our innovation journey continues with new products and programs that deliver market-leading financial performance for our property investment clients. Meridien Energy was launched in 2019 to enable property investors to realise high yields from renewable energy technologies. New Co-living and NDIS-SDA investment programs have just been launched. And, there are more new high-performance programs to come.

Take positive action. Achieve More.


Market-leading financial performance in property investment.

For us, it’s always about the numbers.

Meridien’s innovative programs are all pointed towards delivering high yields. High yield equals more income and a better bottom line. Clients achieve more from their property investment program with our exclusive suite of high yield programs;

  • Investment Optimiser with up to 10% yield
  • NDIS-SDA Homes with up to 20% yield
  • New Co-living Homes with up to 10% yield
  • Long-term Leaseback Homes deliver attractive yields and a continuous income stream


Yield drives income. Meridien's programs deliver more yield. It's what we focus on.

Mix higher yields, more income with ultra-low interest rates, more tax benefits, and Government-backed programs, and your property investment program is optimally structured with the right balance of high-performance and security.

If you want to achieve more from your property investment program, you should be talking to us.

Yield is the new Black. Achieve More.


It’s not just about the money. It's about what it can do for you.

Why are you investing? 

Everyone’s investment journey is different. Different starting points, life stages, family commitments, expectations. It's an individual thing.

Whatever your personal investment journey is, Meridien’s commitment to higher financial performance means that you achieve more from your property investment program.

Higher performance, more income, a better bottom-line. It means you have more choice. And that is what we think it is all about. 


It's your investment journey. Achieve More.


Homes that people want to live in, in places where people choose to live.

Property investment is not about houses. It is about people.

People have a choice. Invest with people in mind – tenants and future buyers. It is the key to better financial performance.

Invest in a property that has higher levels of appeal and high levels of liveability. All Meridien homes are designed with people in mind, are 100% turnkey, and come with extra design features and inclusions to deliver maximum rental and resale appeal.

Our focus is on markets where more and more people choose to live. The essentials of life are important factors that influence the appeal of a location. We look for well-developed existing and planned economic and social infrastructure to ensure high levels of amenity and location appeal. 

Meridien's investment programs are market-driven and focus on niche segments where there are clearly defined, demand-driven opportunities. The underlying factor in all of our programs, Optimiser, Co-living, NDIS-SDA homes, is understanding what people want. Developing homes that are in line with what people want drives demand. More demand delivers more income and a higher overall investment return.

We don’t believe in hotspots. We believe in the long-term balance between demand factors and supply factors. And, that is always, all about people. 



Focus on people. Always. Achieve More.


Meridien Invest is focused on investment opportunities in prime locations.

  • South East Queensland - including Brisbane 
  • NSW - Central Coast, Hunter Region, and select Sydney locations
  • Select Melbourne locations


With properties starting below $400,000, there are opportunities for you to achieve more. All you need to do is get in touch and get started on your investment journey.


Our Partners

Meridien works with some of Australia's leading residential developers and builders to provide clients with investment properties that have people in mind, are great homes, and have enduring appeal.



Take Positive Action. Achieve More. Always.



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