High financial performance investment property

High Yield Investment Property

Introducing Investment Optimiser.

Market-leading financial performance for astute property investors.

Investment Optimiser is an exclusive, high yield property investment program from Meridien Group that combines the financial benefits of NRAS with Energy Income Smart Solar. Optimiser delivers market-leading yields and high net positive cashflow for property investment clients that are looking for more than just average outcomes.

The positive net cashflow Optimiser delivers is big. Investors can achieve $100,000 and more net positive cashflow in just 5 years with zero upfront investment using our Activate Equity programs.

Cash investors looking for reliable income and high returns can achieve a net cash ROI of over 30% p.a. plus growth.

Optimiser programs deliver high financial performance that will positively reshape your financial future.

High Yield Investment Properties in Australia


Achieve much more from your property investment program.

  • Up to 60% more Total Income
  • Up to 3x more net income than a standard property
  • Big lump-sum cash payments
  • Government-backed investment
  • Lots of tax-free Government $$$
  • More tax benefits

With Meridien Invest Property Investors earn up to 60% more income and more tax benefits.

Higher yields plus tax-free income delivers more positive cashflow.

Optimiser. Achieve More.


About NRAS

Meridien is the clear market leader in NRAS reactivation. 

Meridien Invest is market leader in NRAS investment properties

NRAS (National Rental Affordability Scheme) is a collaborative program between the Commonwealth Government and State Governments to increase affordable housing supply to Australian families. 

It is quite a simple structure; 

  • Tenants get a 20% to 25% discount on rent.
  • Landlords are compensated with big, annual, tax-free Government NRAS incentive payments. 

A total of over 35,000 NRAS properties have been developed across Australia, peppered amongst local communities in high-demand locations.

There are no new NRAS allocations, but Meridien Group has access to transfer allocations to reactivate and assign to new properties for the duration of the original NRAS term. 

NRAS has provided many property investors with a significant investment advantage since the program launched in 2008. With our 'NRAS reactivation initiative', Meridien can now enable clients to give their property investment a big startup cashflow boost with our exclusive Investment Optimiser program. 


Optimiser. Achieve More.


Optimiser Investor Benefits

Higher financial performance is just the start.

Optimiser delivers in a number of key areas for our investment clients;

  • Multiple income sources on a single investment property increase Total Income = More Yield.
  • Up to 3x more net cash flow compared to a standard investment property.
  • More tax-benefits.
  • Big lump sum and tax-free Government payments annually.
  • The security and confidence that comes with a Government-backed property investment program. 
  • Ongoing Energy Income.
  • Increase property appeal and value.
  • Tenants save on energy costs.
  • Make a big difference to people with lower living costs.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. And, that of the tenants.

More Total Income, tax-free income, more tax benefits. It all combines to deliver a better bottom-line on your investment property.

Optimiser. More net income. Achieve More.


Why Optimiser? Why now?

Investment Optimiser is the right program for right now.

Where are investors looking for the right combination of security, income, and growth?

Investment options are limited and uncertain with cash rates and Government bonds are at record lows, dividend returns are mixed, commercial and industrial LPT's have fallen and ASX values have only just recovered to reach 2008 levels.

Prevailing market conditions set the stage for Optimiser to shine. Interest rates are at record lows and markets are on the rise. Optimiser's high yields and superior net cashflow deliver up to 3 times more net positive cash flow than a standard property. More net cash opens up more choices for investors to achieve more.

Meridien's property investment programs, including Optimiser, offer a high-performance, safe haven for investors seeking the right balance of security, income, and growth;

  • Ultra-high yields
  • Record low-interest rates
  • Rising property values
  • Direct bricks and mortar investment and Government-backed programs provide control, certainty and confidence.
  • Plus the benefits of leverage for higher financial performance.

Optimiser investment properties deliver superior start-up performance combined with balanced longer-term yield + growth. 

Optimiser ultra high yield investment properties in Australia.

Invest with 100% confidence. Achieve More.


Investor Profiles

Optimiser delivers more for your investment journey.

Home Owners

  • Activate Equity and get your home working for you.
  • Big, fast, lump-sum cash payments.
  • Cut years and lots of interest off your home loan with ZERO UPFRONT INVESTMENT

Cash Investors

  • Leverage cash investment to build a bigger asset base
  • Ultra-high ROI plus capital growth
  • 30%+ net returns are achievable

Self-managed Super Fund Investors (SMSF)

  • What is your super doing for you?
  • Take direct control
  • Leverage for a bigger asset base
  • High net income plus capital growth

Meridien's Optimiser programs are adaptable and enable a diverse mix of investors to achieve more and build their property investment journey. Faster.

Optimiser. Achieve More.


Optimiser Programs are custom-designed to suit specific properties.

An adaptive program that delivers high performance for investors.

How does Optimiser 3 work?

Optimiser 3 delivers 3x income streams – rent + the tax-free NRAS incentive + energy income to provide property investors with 30% and more total income than a standard property and up to  2x more net income – and that is what matters most.

Compare Optimiser 3 to a standard property and see the power of Optimiser.


If you are investing to make money, which investment returns would you prefer?

How does Optimiser 6 work?

Optimiser 6 is designed to take the high yields from dual-living homes and duplexes to a much-higher level.

With an impressive 6x income streams – 2 x rent, 2 x tax-free NRAS incentives, 2 x energy income to provide property investors with 50% and more total income and up to TRIPLE net income, Optimiser 6 provides investors with market-leading financial performance. 

Compare Optimiser 6 to a standard dual-living property.


Optimiser 6 takes the investment advantages of dual-living homes to a higher level.


New Optimiser link - more NRAS, more solar, more included.

Meridien continues to deliver innovative programs that enable clients to achieve more.

With our new Optimiser link programs, you can have more NRAS, more solar, a lower upfront cost, a total care package, and all-inclusive pricing.

Our new Optimiser link program has all the benefits of Optimiser, for longer. We link together short-term NRAS incentives to deliver a combined longer overall term. 





Download the Optimiser link brochure for more information.  


Meridien Energy Smart Solar for Investment Properties.

Meridien Energy is a business of Meridien Group and provides innovative renewable energy solutions into the investment property market.

With our new energy income program, investors receive income from 100% of solar production;

  • Solar income from tenant consumption
  • Solar income from export
  • Around 20% yield
  • Tenants save on their energy bills
  • Increased property appeal and value



Power up your Optimiser property with clean, renewable energy solutions from Meridien Energy.


Positively reshape your financial future with Investment Optimiser.

Get in touch and let's discuss how we can build a high-performance property investment program that will achieve more.

For more information, contact us now for an obligation-free consultation or browse our current Optimiser Investment Properties. 


Investing in Optimiser Homes. Click here to learn how to start your Optimiser Journey.




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