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Our guiding principles are the foundation for selecting properties for Optimiser programs. 

Property investment is not about houses. It is about people. 

Homes that people want to live in, in places where people want to live.

When you keep people in mind, the investment property game becomes clearer. Who is going to rent your property? What is important to them? What do they need around them? And, when it comes time to sell ... who is going to buy the property? We focus on the things that matter in the lives of people that will be living in your home. More appeal drives more demand. More demand drives higher yields and a better financial return for investors. It is all about people. Always.

Meridien Optimiser. It's about people and that is why it works so well.


Optimiser Property Locations

Optimiser properties are selected in locations with high current and future demand for homes. 

More and more people want more space. Freestanding property demand has risen sharply and is predicted to continue as more people are looking for more personal space than medium and high-density living offers. The uplift in demand has not been matched by an uplift in land supply leading to a critical shortage across South East Queensland. For investors, this opportunity drives both yields and future value to deliver a higher investment return.

It is all about supply and demand. Supply is constrained and demand is rising.

Key Location Criteria for Optimiser Properties.

  • Proximity to primary and social infrastructure
  • Focus on SEQ economic development corridors
  • Sense of space and community in estates
  • High design standards
  • High rental demand
  • Rising resale demand and property values

Optimiser packages are now available in South East Queensland growth corridor locations where there is concentrated demand for homes.

  • Sunshine Coast - very limited stock
  • Moreton Region 
  • Select Brisbane locations
  • Select Logan locations 
  • Select Redland locations
  • Greater Springfield and Ripley Valley
  • Gold Coast - very limited stock
  • Select Scenic Rim locations

South East Queensland is Australia's fastest-growing region and is currently attracting 88% of Australia's net interstate migration. More and more people are attracted to the climate, lifestyle and relative affordability of SEQ which will underpin property values across the region in the medium-term.

Over 1,200 people per week are moving to South East Queensland. There will be 1.4 million more people living in the region by 2036 - that is a lot of homes we are going to need.


SEQ. Optimiser. Achieve More.


Optimiser Property Options

Optimiser homes are designed with people in mind to ensuring enduring appeal.

All of Meridien's Optimiser properties are fully turnkey and have a higher level of inclusions to increase appeal to tenants and future buyers. There is nothing to spend with our 'just move in and start living' approach. These homes are ready to make you money.

Property prices are on the rise on the back of big land and construction cost increases. So, the sooner you start your Optimiser Journey, the more you will achieve.

Optimiser 3 programs on townhomes and homes can deliver $50k net cashflow in just 5 years with ZERO upfront cash investment. Achieve up to 2x more net income than standard properties.

Optimiser 6 programs on dual-living homes and duplexes can deliver well over $100k - up to TRIPLE the net income of a standard property.

Are you ready for some serious cashflow? Talk to us and start your Optimiser Journey.


Double and triple net income. Achieve More


How to invest in Optimiser Property

Meridien offers clients flexible and adaptable programs to build their investment advantage with Optimiser.

What's your investment journey? Optimiser programs are adaptable to your specific investment requirements. We will work with you to develop a program that works for you and helps you to achieve more. Faster.


Activate Equity for Home Owners


With ZERO upfront cash, use your equity and get your home working for you, to invest in high-performance Optimiser property. You can earn $50 to $100k (or even more) net cashflow in just 5 years. With ultra-low interest rates, every extra $$$ you pay into your home loan is going to make a big, big difference. Cut years and $000 of interest off your home loan.

Activate Equity. Achieve More.

Cash Investment

Get your cash working for you with Optimiser Property. Using cash to cover a 10% or 20% deposit (plus buying costs) you get the benefit of leverage which means your investment asset base increases by a factor of 5 to 10 times. A bigger asset base combined with rising property values delivers cash investors a very high net return on invested funds. 

Talk to us about your investment journey and we will show you how to achieve net cash returns of over 30% and total returns of much more. The combined power of high yields and ultra-low interest rates opens up more opportunities for cash investors to generate income and achieve growth. 

Cash Investment. Achieve More.

SMSF Investment

Get your superannuation working for you with Optimiser Property. SMSF property investment increases your asset base with up to 3.3 times leverage - investing $150k gives you a $500k asset (excluding costs). Growth of 20% over 5 years on $500k = $100k v $30k on $100k cash = 3 times more growth. And, Optimiser Property delivers attractive, steady income streams that can be reinvested to generate secondary returns. 

Meridien can show you how to build a high-performance SMSF Optimiser Journey that enables you to achieve more from your superannuation. Take direct control of your super and make it work harder for your financial future.

SMSF Optimiser Property. Achieve More.


Meridien's Optimiser Partners

Optimiser brings together the best of the best to deliver market-leading financial performance.

  • Leading builders and developers deliver homes that have enduring appeal
  • Australia's leading NRAS Consortiums provide an ongoing, professional platform for your Optimiser investment
  • Specialist NRAS property managers
  • CEC Accredited solar installers
  • The latest solar energy systems from global industry leaders

Optimiser is a fully integrated program that provides hassle-free investment and market-leading financial performance.

Optimiser. Achieve More.


Ready to start your Optimiser Journey? 

The sooner you start, the sooner you start to achieve more.

Let's work together to achieve your financial goals faster with Optimiser Property.

  • Positive market outlook
  • The sooner you start, the more NRAS you get
  • Invest early in the growth phase

Meridien provides clients with a complete program - start to end. Our investment reports give you all the numbers so that you can make an informed decision.

Let's get started. We can help you with;

  • The best structure
  • Selecting the right property
  • Finance through our experienced broker partners
  • The buying - building - management process
  • Ongoing program management
  • Expanding your property investment portfolio


Optimiser is a high-performance property investment program that will positively reshape your financial future.



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