Investment Optimiser

Achieve More from your Investment Property.

Meridien’s exclusive Investment Optimiser program combines the financial benefits of NRAS with Energy Income solar to take your investment returns to a higher level.

Our exclusive Investment Optimiser bundles are now available in very limited numbers for South East Queensland, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and NSW Central Coast properties.

  • Available for new or recently completed investment properties (i)
  • Increased income – up to 50% more total income 
  • Increased tax benefits
  • Increased property rental and resale appeal
  • Increased property value
  • Lower energy costs for tenants
  • Very high ROI
  • Government-backed
  • Do something positive for the environment


Investment Optimiser delivers high net cash-flow

Direct the cash returns into your home loan to cut years and $000 off your mortgage.

Every extra $$$ you pay off your home loan makes a big difference.


NRAS is Government-backed.
So you can invest with 100% confidence.

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With Energy Income Smart Solar, investors are paid for 100% of solar production.

  • Tenant solar consumption
  • Export to grid
  • High Solar Yields
  • Tax-deductable investment
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

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Investment Optimiser takes your returns to a higher level.

What’s in the Investment Optimiser bundle?

  • NRAS allocation transfer – up to 4.5 years (ii)
  • Energy Income Smart Solar
  • Program set up and ongoing monitoring
  • Transition to new Investment Advantage program post NRAS to continue achieving optimum results from your investment property

Investment Optimiser Properties are now available in South East Queensland plus select NSW and Victorian locations.

Meridien offers a range of Investment Optimiser bundles to match individual client requirements.

Dual Living and Duplex
6 Income Streams
Villas, Townhouses, Homes
Triple Income Streams
Villas, Townhouses, Homes
Short-tems Income boost

Compare Investment Optimiser to a Standard Investment Property

  • More income
  • More tax benefits
  • A better bottom-line
  1. Properties are subject to Government approval to participate in NRAS programs.
  2. NRAS terms vary. Meridien Group will provide a specific end date for the NRAS term upon request for specific properties.